Women With High Blood Pressure Have Greater Risk of Vascular Disease Than Men

High blood pressure is a silent killer in America. In most cases there are no signs or symptoms until it causes serious problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 1 in 3 adults in America have high blood pressure, increasing their risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. Before now, the risks were indifferent of an individual’s gender, but new research suggests that women, in particular, have a higher risk of suffering heart disease as a result of high blood pressure. In fact, research showed that women with the same level of blood pressure as their male counterparts had 30-40% more cases of vascular disease.

To find the reason for this difference, researchers are looking at the physiological differences between the two genders’ vascular systems. Men and women have different types and levels of hormones flowing through their bloodstream. Researchers are looking to better understand how these gender specific hormones and other gender specific differences may increase the risk for heart disease. It is important to understand gender specific differences in our biological make up so that both genders can receive the proper treatment for various gender specific diseases.

Of course, preventing blood pressure from reaching critical levels is the best way to reduce the risks of heart disease. Here are a few preventative measures that individuals can take to lower their blood pressure:

  • Choosing to eat healthy foods low in salt

  • Keeping body weight in check

  • Staying physically active

  • Quit smoking

  • Moderation of alcohol consumption

Heart disease is a serious problem! The general public should do everything they can to reduce their risks of heart disease, while researchers work to further their understanding of how to treat these illnesses. Medicomp Inc. has worked to create technology that helps doctors connect with their patients to better treat heart disease. To learn more about cardiac monitoring, visit the Medicomp Inc. website or contact us today.

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