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LG Handset Troubleshooting Guide

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Searching for Pendant
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

The Pendant and Smartphone/Handset are not communicating with each other. Please note, while in this condition, the battery life on both devices will be severely impacted.

  • Make sure the Pendant and Smartphone/Handset are within 10 feet of each other.

  • Make sure the Pendant is turned on. You may have turned it off accidentally or forgot to turn it on after replacing its battery.

  • Make sure the “AA” battery in the Pendant is inserted correctly.

  • Insert a fresh “AA” battery in the Pendant.

  • Turn the Smartphone/Handset off and then back on.

After trying the actions above, if this message remains after 15 minutes, call us at 877-996-5553.

Auto Capture Suspended
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

This message may appear from time to time throughout your procedure.

  • Wait for one hour. The message should clear within an hour.

  • During this period, manual recordings can still be made. If you experience a symptom, press the Record/Send or Symptom button.

  • If, after waiting one hour the message still appears, turn the Smartphone/Handset off and then back on.

Manual Mode: Action Required
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

The monitor is unable to capture your ECG.

  1. Turn the Pendant off for three minutes.
  2. Dry the Pendant contacts and inside of Cradle.
  3. Remove and reinsert the cable (wired electrodes only).
  4. Press all over patch(es) to remove air bubbles.
  5. Turn the Pendant back on.

If this message persists, call the CMC at 877-996-5553.

Call CMC or CALL 911
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

The Right Soft Key under Call was pressed accidentally. Press the Right Soft Key and the message should disappear.

is Flashing on the Smartphone/Handset

This indicates normal communication between the Pendant and Smartphone. They will flash frequently. The blue ring on the Pendant will flash in tandem.

Smartphone/Handset Won’t Turn On or Off

Please keep the Smartphone/Handset powered on. There’s usually no need to turn it off except when troubleshooting.

  • Try pressing and holding the Power button on the Smartphone/Handset until you see activity on the screen, then let go. See the Quick Start Guide included in the kit for the location of the Power button.

  • If it still will not turn on or off, call the CMC at 877-996-5553.

Smartphone/Handset Not Holding Charge

After a full recharge, the Smartphone/Handset should remain charged for 8-12 hours. Please note, however, that battery life will be shortened in both the Smartphone/Handset and the Pendant when the two devices are not within close proximity to each other.

  • Make sure the Smartphone/Handset is being charged daily for at least four hours.

  • Keep the Smartphone/Handset and the Pendant within close proximity (10 feet) of each other to prevent loss of Bluetooth connection, which can severely impact battery life.

  • Make sure the electrical outlet where the charger is plugged is working and is not controlled by a switch that’s turned off.

  • Try plugging the charger into a different outlet.

  • Make sure the charger is inserted into the Smartphone properly.

  • If you continue to experience this issue, call the CMC at 877-996-5553.

Smartphone/Handset Screen Stuck or Phone Unlocked

  • Turn the Smartphone/Handset off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on

  • If the issue persists, call the CMC at (877) 996-5553

Pendant Won’t Turn On

  • Change the “AA” battery in the Pendant.

  • Make sure the battery is inserted correctly (flat end toward the spring).

  • Make sure the ribbon is not covering the contact or spring in the Pendant’s battery compartment.

  • Press and hold the On/Off button for about two seconds. Listen for the tones.

  • If it still will not turn on, call the CMC at 1-877-996-5553.

Pendant Beeping

  • The Pendant will beep when the Record/Send button is pressed either on the Pendant or on the Smartphone.

  • The Pendant will beep when the On/Off button is pressed.

  • The Pendant will beep every 5-15 minutes when its “AA” battery is low. Change the battery. (Note: If the battery is too low, the Pendant will make a solid beeping tone three times and turn off. After replacing the battery, remember to turn the Pendant back on.)