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Troubleshooting Information


Searching for Pendant
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

The Pendant and Smartphone/Handset are not communicating with each other. Please note, while in this condition, the battery life on both devices will be severely impacted.

  • Make sure the Pendant and Smartphone/Handset are within 10 feet of each other.

  • Make sure the Pendant is turned on. You may have turned it off accidentally or forgot to turn it on after replacing its battery.

  • Make sure the “AA” battery in the Pendant is inserted correctly.

  • Insert a fresh “AA” battery in the Pendant.

  • Turn the Smartphone/Handset off and then back on.

After trying the actions above, if this message remains after 15 minutes, call us at 877-996-5553.

Auto Capture Suspended
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

This message may appear from time to time throughout your procedure.

  • Wait for one hour. The message should clear within an hour.

  • During this period, manual recordings can still be made. If you experience a symptom, press the Record/Send or Symptom button.

  • If, after waiting one hour the message still appears, turn the Smartphone/Handset off and then back on.

Manual Mode: Action Required
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

The monitor is unable to capture your ECG.

  • Turn the Smartphone off and then back on.

  • If this message persists, call the CMC at 877-996-5553.

Call CMC or CALL 911
Displayed on Smartphone/Handset

The Right Soft Key under Call was pressed accidentally. Press the Right Soft Key and the message should disappear.

is Flashing on the Smartphone/Handset

This indicates normal communication between the Pendant and Smartphone. They will flash frequently. The blue ring on the Pendant will flash in tandem.

Smartphone/Handset Won’t Turn On or Off

Please keep the Smartphone/Handset powered on. There’s usually no need to turn it off except when troubleshooting.

  • Try pressing and holding the Power button on the Smartphone/Handset until you see activity on the screen, then let go. See the Quick Start Guide included in the kit for the location of the Power button.

  • If it still will not turn on or off, call the CMC at 877-996-5553.

Smartphone/Handset Not Holding Charge

After a full recharge, the Smartphone/Handset should remain charged for 8-12 hours. Please note, however, that battery life will be shortened in both the Smartphone/Handset and the Pendant when the two devices are not within close proximity to each other.

  • Make sure the Smartphone/Handset is being charged daily for at least four hours.

  • Keep the Smartphone/Handset and the Pendant within close proximity (10 feet) of each other to prevent loss of Bluetooth connection, which can severely impact battery life.

  • Make sure the electrical outlet where the charger is plugged is working and is not controlled by a switch that’s turned off.

  • Try plugging the charger into a different outlet.

  • Make sure the charger is inserted into the Smartphone properly.

  • If you continue to experience this issue, call the CMC at 877-996-5553.

Smartphone/Handset Screen Stuck or Phone Unlocked

  • Turn the Smartphone/Handset off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on

  • If the issue persists, call the CMC at (877) 996-5553

Pendant Won’t Turn On

  • Change the “AA” battery in the Pendant.

  • Make sure the battery is inserted correctly (flat end toward the spring).

  • Make sure the ribbon is not covering the contact or spring in the Pendant’s battery compartment.

  • Press and hold the On/Off button for about two seconds. Listen for the tones.

  • If it still will not turn on, call the CMC at 1-877-996-5553.

Pendant Beeping

  • The Pendant will beep when the Record/Send button is pressed either on the Pendant or on the Smartphone.

  • The Pendant will beep when the On/Off button is pressed.

  • The Pendant will beep every 5-15 minutes when its “AA” battery is low. Change the battery. (Note: If the battery is too low, the Pendant will make a solid beeping tone three times and turn off. After replacing the battery, remember to turn the Pendant back on.)