The Importance of MCT

The continuous attention of ambulatory cardiac monitoring in near real-time is MCT (mobile cardiac telemetry). Through MCT, an ambulatory cardiac monitoring service can observe patients at their homes and while they’re out doing daily functions, even sleeping. The mobile cardiac monitored information is relayed to a site location where a patient’s ECG (electrocardiogram) can be reviewed. A certified nurse, trained with a background in cardiology, watches the data from patients around the clock ensuring there are no problems with their ECGs.

The technology in MCTs notices and sends ECG rhythms automatically to data centers without the patient needing to do anything more than wear the device. Other types of cardiac monitoring aren’t as advanced as MCT since the device operates in near real-time. With a  trained staff supervised by physicians, any abnormal ECG behavior can be seen remotely from the laboratory where the device transmits.

With the use of MCT from mobile cardiac monitors, information is reviewed and depending on what is observed, physicians can make appropriate clinical decisions for patients. The technicians know when to initiate medical emergency responses to aid patients in cases where assistance is needed immediately. The instant response feature for situations that are clinically important give MCT an edge over other types of cardiac monitors.

The ability to directly monitor patients with immediate responses from trained personnel and physicians has made MCT the superior choice over other ambulatory cardiac monitoring. Since this technology allows the instant transmission of ECG data to transmit information without involving the patient, doctors can use this new process to manage and interact with them right away for fast and efficient care.

The professionals at Medicomp have developed their own mobile cardiac monitor, called SAVI Wireless. Medicomp’s SAVI Wireless MCT helps patients avoid any possible issues they may have with assistance from physicians. If you are interested in Medicomp’s services, please call 800-234-3278.

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