1 to 30 Day Procedure Options

7-Day Patch and Battery Life

Water Resistant

Integrated Fingertip Electrodes

Multiple Wear Options

No Wires

TelePatch TM

TelePatch is the most advanced and convenient remote cardiac monitoring system available today.

  • Allows physicians to prescribe Holter, Long-Term Holter, Wireless Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry tests
  • Offers testing procedures from 1 to 30 days
  • Dual-channel ECG recording configurations

Multiple Wear Options
TelePatch offers three convenient wear options to best suit the patient’s lifestyle:

  1. 7-day single-use patch
  2. Built-in fingertip electrodes
  3. Traditional 3- and 5-terminal wired electrodes

Superior Patch, Battery Life
TelePatch offers the best patch and battery life in the industry:

  • Patch stays stuck on chest up to 7 days. Patients replace the patch for tests lasting longer than a week.
  • Patch pendant battery lasts up to 7 days. Patients replace the battery for tests lasting longer than a week.

Water Resistance
Cardiologists know that significant cardiac events can occur when patients bathe, especially when entering and exiting a shower. That’s why we designed TelePatch to be water resistant. Patients can and should wear the patch and the attached data recording pendant while showering or bathing.

No Special Billing Requirements
Unlike other patch-style monitors, TelePatch requires no special billing codes for Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry tests. Simply utilize the regular billing codes.

How It Works

Physician prescribes a monitoring procedure for the patient.

Patients wear TelePatch for the prescribed length of time, and ECG data is captured.

ECG data is wirelessly transmitted to the TelePatch Handset.

TelePatch Handset transmits ECG data to Medicomp’s Cardiac Monitoring Centers.

Physician receives customizable patient reports for interpretation.

Experience the Most Advanced and Convenient Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring System