Most Advanced and Convenient Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring

medicomp wireless cardiac monitor

High Patient Compliance, High Clinical Yield
The TelePatch Cardiac Monitoring System provides physicians the means to prescribe ambulatory cardiac monitoring procedures in an easy and completely wireless experience for their patients, and, with our patented Diogenes algorithm, TelePatch offers the highest clinical yield in the industry for faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Customizable & Convenient
TelePatch may be prescribed in either single- or dual-channel ECG recording configurations, and it offers three convenient wear options to best suit the patient’s lifestyle: (1) as a 7-day single-use patch, (2) with its integrated fingertip electrodes, or (3) with traditional wired electrodes.

No Special Billing Requirements
When you prescribe TelePatch, utilize the regular billing codes for ambulatory cardiac monitoring. No special codes are required.

medicomp telepatch

medicomp telepatch advanced wireless cardiac heart monitor