How Technology is Affecting Patient Care

While nothing can replace compassion and positive patient interaction, doctors and nurses can provide their patients with better care simply by taking advantage of technology. Medicomp, ECG monitor experts and ​technology leaders in the diagnostic cardiology industry, discuss ways technology is affecting patient care.

  1. Patient Monitoring

Technology allows doctors and nurses to monitor patients quickly and even remotely. For example, a pulse oximetry device measures the oxygen saturation in a patient’s blood. It works in just seconds and can alert physicians to a problem before any clinical symptoms begin to present. Heart monitors can be worn at home with the information they collect being electronically transmitted to the doctor’s computer. These devices allow problems to be seen earlier, thus allowing for an earlier treatment. Medicomp believes strongly in monitoring patients to discover any potential risk factors so preventative measures can be taken before a serious problem occurs.

  1.  Faster Treatment Plans

Once your doctor is able to diagnose your condition, he or she can quickly develop a treatment plan with the aid of a tablet or mobile device. This form of technology gives physicians a way to tap a few buttons and in seconds retrieve important dosing instructions for medication, lists of evidence-based treatments, and restriction guidelines when it comes to physical activity or food consumption.

  1.  Coordination of Care

Doctors can easily coordinate the care of their patients with advancing technology.When a physician orders a variety of tests for one patient, such as bloodwork, a CAT Scan, and a stress test, he or she is able to electronically receive the patient’s test results from each facility. With all of the information in one place, the doctor is able to see the big picture and create a treatment plan.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are also becoming more popular, as they provide a doctor or nurse with quick access to a patient’s healthcare information. Medicomp’s patient systems are capable of integrating with their customer’s EMR systems. In fact, Medicomp can even customize an EMR integration solution based on a customer’s needs. Contact Medicomp, suppliers of ECG monitors, by calling 800-234-3278 to learn more, or visit our News & Updates page.  

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