Secrets Not to Keep from Your Heart Doctor

Recently, the Center for Disease Control came to a rough estimate of how many Americans are at risk with heart disease. The number was overwhelming, and they found that 68 million people in America are using medications to decrease high levels of blood pressure. Coronary artery disease and heart attacks are both risks that increase with levels of high blood pressure. Keeping information from any physician isn’t ever wise as they need all the details to properly care for their patients. Mobile cardiac monitor provider, Medicomp, shares what cardiologists say is important for patients to share with their doctors:

  • Vitamin or Supplement Consumption: Although other medicines and herbal supplements can be useful for many people, cardiologists say some remedies can cause great risks to people who are taking heart disease medications. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, there are over 24 herbal remedies that should be avoided by cardiovascular patients.
  • Already Been Tested by Other Doctors: Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve gone to another doctor for a second opinion. It’s important for doctors to know what tests have been administered, whether it’s a simple blood test or even an EKG. Doctors must be able to understand the severity of your condition with all the information.
  • Skipped Any Medications: Sadly, cholesterol or blood pressure medication is claimed to be taken by patients, when in fact, doses have been skipped. By omitting details about taking medications, cardiologists may not notice a change in patient’s blood pressure or cholesterol levels. This is a problem because doctors may prescribe medication for a higher dose, when the lower dose wasn’t even taken in the first place.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about any physical or other personal issues that may keep you from going to your doctor or sharing all relevant information. There are too many risks out there that could lead to serious issues later on. To learn more about heart disease and the risks involved in misinforming your physician, browse the Medicomp Inc. blog. Medicomp has mobile cardiac monitors to help patients ensure they are constantly having their heart information read by a highly-trained staff that know when there’s a cause for concern. For more information, contact Medicomp at (800) 23-HEART.

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