Remembering to Take Medication

To stay healthy, you visit your doctor regularly. You try to eat whole foods and have started exercising. Your doctor gave you a prescription for two types of medication; one you take in the morning and the other you take at night. Sometimes you remember to take both medicines, other times you forget. The cardiac event recorder specialists at Medicomp understand how difficult it is to keep track of new medications. Below are a few smartphone apps and other technologies you can use to help you remember to order refills, pick up medications, and remind you when to take which medication.

E-pill Once-a-Day Reminder

This low-tech product is a disc that adheres to any flat surface, such as a bathroom mirror or refrigerator. The face contains calendar days. All you need to do when you take your medication is click to the following day. This is a great device if your medications are taken all at once.

Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Timer Reminder

With a traditional plastic pill case look, this $20 reminder pill container has 5 compartments for one or more medications. At the preset time you designate, the container sends out an alarm, beep, or vibration. At 3”x1”, it fits comfortably in a pocket or purse.

MediSafe Medication Reminder

This is the most popular free medicine reminder app. Download and create family profiles to manage your medications, as well as those of other family members. By keeping track of your prescriptions, you can show your doctor the medications and dosages you take, rather than remembering your paper list. When you are near the end of your prescription, a reminder tells you it is time to reorder. MediSafe also tells you if any of your medications negatively interact with food, beverages, or other medications you consume. Lastly, MediSafe can be partnered with HealthKit for iPhones to track your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and weight.

MyMeds Medication Management

This is a free app that reminds you via email, text, or push notifications to take your medications or that it’s time for a refill. This information can be forwarded to family members or your physician. When you reorder, MyMeds searches for the best price in your area. Need information about your medications? MyMeds will tell you the reason your doctor prescribed your medications, along with drug interactions.


This pharmacy service is far beyond typical. For no additional fee, PillPack acts as a liaison between your doctor and pharmacy to pre-package all of your medications and deliver them in doses at the correct time. If you take two medications a breakfast, one at lunch, one at dinner, and three before bed, PillPack will deliver medication at those four intervals every day with the correct medications in each pack. They also reorder and work with your insurance company.

Approximately 2 billion prescriptions are filled each year, but half of those are not taken properly. The largest culprit is memory — patients simply forget to take their medications. Luckily, using one of these services can help you remember to take your medications. To keep your heart and body healthy, take your medications regularly, and contact the team at Medicomp at 800-23-HEART with any questions concerning their outstanding line of cardiac event recorders.

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