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Patient guides are available for each of our monitors. Click the name of a monitor below.

TelePatch User Guides & Videos

Quick Start Patient Guide

Patient User Manual

What Do the Sounds and Lights Mean?
The meanings of various audible and visual indicators are explained in the Patient User Manual (second button above) beginning on page 57.

Using the Universal Pendant
With Patient Cable (MCT Only)

Guía Breve para el Paciente
Regulatory and Compliance

If you prefer, you may watch select chapters using the following links:
1. Introduction & What You Need to Get Started (1:05)
2. Getting Started (3:32)
3. Wearing TelePatch & Water Resistance (1:10)
4. Patch Replacement (0:25)
5. Pendant Battery & Handset Charging (1:23)
6. Recording Symptoms (0:55)
7. Returning the TelePatch System (0:30)
8. Getting Help (0:28)

DuetTM Guides & Videos

Please watch the video below that matches the type of smartphone you received.



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CardioPAL SAVI User Guides & Videos

For complete information on using your CardioPAL SAVI Monitor, please watch this video.

SAVI Wireless User Guides & Videos

For complete information on using the SAVI Wireless Monitor, please watch these two videos.

SAVI Air User Guides & Videos

For complete information on using your SAVI Air Monitor, please watch this video.

If you prefer, you can view it one chapter at a time using the following links:
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Cardiac Monitor Hookup Information

Holter Hookup

Event & MCT Hookup

Preparing the Skin & Applying the Patches

Try to take care in preparing the patient’s skin for application of the adhesive skin patches (electrodes). Good skin preparation means better ECG signal traces that in turn are easier for the doctor to review and evaluate. Advise the patient to change their electrodes every two days. When re-applied, change their location slightly to prevent skin irritation. If the patient complains of skin irritation, ask them to call Medicomp Patient Support at 800-234-3278, ext. 2370. Alternative Patches may be available to reduce irritation.

1. Choose areas of the chest that are flat and not very muscular. Avoid skin folds or creases, irritated skin or scars.

2. Shave areas with hair using the skin patch (electrode) as a guide for the size of the area to shave. This insures good contact and makes electrode removal easier.

3. Wash each site well with PLAIN soap and water. (You should not use soap that contains lotion or oil.) Dry thoroughly.

4. Snap the wires onto the electrodes while they are still attached to the strip of plastic backing.

5. One by one, peel each electrode from the backing and apply it to the chest, using the placement in the illustrations.

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