Physicians Prefer Event Monitors to Hospital Heart Monitors

Heart disease is a heavy hitter in America. Patients who have recently had a heart attack or suffer from arrhythmias, also known as irregular beats of the heart, receive specialized attention in an attempt to prevent future problems. Physicians are always looking for ways to improve the level and quality of care they deliver to their patients and that’s why wireless event monitors are becoming increasingly popular in the medical community. Wireless event monitors provide convenience for both physicians and their patients–a convenience unobtainable by previous heart monitors.

In previous years, a trip to the doctor to check on your heart’s activity included an overnight stay at the hospital. Older heart monitors were large and, for the most part, immovable, making it impossible for patients to have their heart monitored elsewhere. In addition to this, extended occupancy of a hospital room is expensive, and patients would prefer an alternative way to monitor their heart that costs less. Thanks to advances in technology, wireless event monitors have changed from large, clunky machines found only in hospitals into portable devices that patients can take home with them.

Physicians simply program the device to record the heart’s activities while their patient goes on about their day to day activities. Information is collected and then sent to the physician so that patients are monitored without interruption. The wireless event monitor will also send notices to the physician when irregular heartbeats are detected. Irregularities include sudden, quick palpitations or a significant slowing of the heats normal activity.

It’s not hard to see why physicians and their patients prefer wireless heart monitors. Patients save time because they aren’t confined to a hospital bed, physicians can provide their patients with more inclusive care, and both parties actually save money. It is more affordable for hospitals to use event monitors instead of the in-hospital heart monitor machines. For this reason, many hospitals are buying these event monitors in bulk.

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