Patient Reports, Your Way

Our new customizable patient reports help you diagnose and treat patients faster and better.

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From a Physician’s Perspective

The new customizable patient reports offer revolutionary unmatched capabilities including multiple visualization formats – graphics, text, or combination – in a highly customizable interface. Prioritize dashboard charts, graphs, and strips to be presented in any order and format, and zoom in on complete information with a single motion. It’s patient reports designed by physicians, for physicians.

procedure to date cardiac monitor patient reports

Effortless Procedure-To-Date Reports

This new report creates an all-inclusive, procedure-to-date summary whenever you need it. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing the daily updates are there, and that Medicomp is managing them for you in an efficient, hassle-free manner. Procedure to-date patient reports will always be there when physicians need them.

Use Convenient Notes & E-Signatures

Because there is no easier way to keep track than having notes and digital signature capabilities built into patient reports, we did exactly that. View notes from Medicomp technicians, check who has approved the information, and add your own all within the patient report so you can focus on what’s most important.

Where Consistency Meets Convenience

Our new patient report system remembers personal settings and displays patient information the same way every time on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Access complete patient reports anywhere, anytime to diagnose and treat as effectively from a phone as an office.

Instant, In-Depth Insight

Patient Compliance, Heart Rate Trending, and Atrial Fibrillation Burden are now front and center for immediate overview of critical data.

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Don’t Miss A Beat

Our revolutionary new patient reports are designed for convenience and ease of use without any compromise of the high clinical yield Medicomp is known for, because every Medicomp cardiac monitor analyzes all aspects of the ECG – Rate, Rhythm, Morphology and P-Wave – and are backed by our outstanding support. Patient data is manually overread by our certified cardiac technicians at our three cardiac monitoring centers to mitigate false negatives and false positives.