New FDA Approval for Heart Health Claims to Keep on Your Radar

According to article “Epidemiology of Coronary Heart Disease and Acute Coronary Syndrome” published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), coronary heart disease continues to affect one in three individuals over the age of 35. Even though the mortality rate for this condition has declined, Medicomp, inventors of a top-notch ECG monitor, wanted to share new FDA approved claims that can actually help lower a person’s risk of coronary heart disease.

Ingredient supplier Bunge Ltd. From White Plains, NY submitted a claim to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that states that soybean oil reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. The FDA examined the claim and came to the conclusion that it had no objections. Soybean farmers and manufacturers are now free to add the soybean oil’s heart health benefits to their packaging labels.

The United Soybean Board stated that the claim is similar to other oils in that consuming one and a half tablespoons of soybean oil each day may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease if it does not increase a person’s caloric intake and is being used as a substitute for saturated fats.

The FDA and the United Soybean Board are not the only organizations to speak out about the health benefits of soybean oil. The American Heart Association published a paper entitled “Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association” on this very subject. The authors concluded that “randomized controlled trials that lowered intake of dietary saturated fat and replaced it with polyunsaturated vegetable oil reduced cardiovascular disease by 30 percent.”

It is important for doctors to encourage their patients to take a proactive approach in their healthcare. Recommending dietary changes, like adding soybean oil, is a great start. Medicomp also has a line of Medicomp has a line of ECG monitors, which can be used to detect any heart abnormalities that could increase a person’s risk of suffering from coronary heart disease. Call Medicomp at 800-234-3278 with any questions or learn more about the latest information on heart health by visiting our News & Updates page.

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