Mid-Atlantic Cardiovascular Network Solution

Large Cardiovascular Group
Greater Baltimore, Maryland Area
Savings = $400,000

Organization Structure
Eleven locations comprised of 63 Cardiologists
Provides 44% of all cardiology services in the State of Maryland
Approximately 600 Holters scanned per month
Currently networked via T-1 and T-3 connections

Organization Objective
Network 11 locations utilizing existing network lines
Share Holter scanning duties
Improve turnaround times
Increase scanning speed
Have fewer repeat procedures
Free up technicians to perform other more lucrative tasks
Allow for remote scanning via laptop computers when necessary

Process of Evaluation
This group performed an internet search of all Holter companies in the marketplace that manufactured their own equipment. They further investigated some basic information such as size of monitors, financial stability of company, network capabilities, and reputation for customer service.

After the initial screening by senior management, nine (9) companies were selected to perform evaluations. The evaluation consisted of each company scanning approximately 200 cassette tapes of the customer’s choosing. Each vendor was required to have the ability to read cassette tapes so all could be evaluated using the same ECG data.

After the initial 200 tapes were analyzed, the vendors were rated on their clinical (algorithmic) accuracy. After this analysis, the field was narrowed to three vendors. The three vendors were then asked to demonstrate the tools technicians would use to increase the speed of the scanning process. At the end of this process, two vendors were left.

The third stage consisted of scanning real patients utilizing the digital monitors. This process consisted of approximately 100 patients. After a careful analysis of all components the group concluded that for clinical accuracy, speed of scans, and ease of use – only one company met every criteria……MEDICOMP!!

After being selected, all 11 locations were networked and functional in four days. Since installation, turnaround time has gone from days to hours, scan time has decreased by 30%, technicians are able to perform other more profitable tasks, very few repeat procedures are required, remote access is available as needed, and the cardiovascular group saved over $400,000. By choosing the Medicomp system, all of this large cardiovascular group’s goals were accomplished.

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