Men: Protect Your Heart With These Simple Activities

The American Heart Association reports that one out of every three adult males suffers from some form of cardiovascular disease. Medicomp, leaders in mobile cardiac monitoring, wants to point out that it has never been more important to take steps that will improve your overall heart health. While it may be obvious that men should eliminate smoking and alcohol consumption, there are other not-so-obvious activities that have wonderful health benefits. Below is a list of simple activities that you can begin implementing right away, especially during June, which is Men’s Health Month.

Go for a Swim

According to Harvard Medical School, swimming not only improves muscle strength, but it also gives your heart and lungs a workout. Men who have issues with their joints will also appreciate this excellent substitute for running, which can often be hard on bones and joints.

Practice Meditation

The benefits of meditation are far reaching. The Eco Institute lists one of the outcomes of this practice as a healthy heart. The facility points out that meditation slows down a person’s heart rate while also increasing circulation. The results of an increase in circulation are the proper delivery of nutrients to all of your body’s vital organs.

Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are loaded with essential antioxidants. WebMD states that these antioxidants are responsible for raising a person’s good cholesterol while lowering their bad cholesterol. By drinking a cup of cranberry juice each day, you’re actually working to fight against heart disease.

Use the Stairs

Something as simple as parking at the far end of a parking lot and taking the stairs instead of the elevator can keep your heart healthy. In fact, the Mayo Clinic lists stair climbing as a drug-free way to lower your blood pressure. You can also purchase a stair climber machine for the days you don’t plan on going out.

Although the above changes require a little bit of discipline, they can be accomplished. Consider asking a friend to be your accountability partner, or talk with your doctor to see if he or she can monitor your progress. For more helpful tips and information about mobile cardiac monitoring, check out our Heart Health News page.

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