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Our products are available only to licensed medical professionals.
Our products and services are available only by prescription from a physician.

If you are interested in cardiac monitoring for yourself, please see your doctor.

If you are a current patient and need help with your Medicomp monitor, please click here to contact Patient Support.

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Why Medicomp

Medicomp’s executive chairman is Dan Balda, MD. In his leadership role, he utilizes his medical experience in cardiology to guide the company with a doctor’s perspective in caring for patients.
Medicomp develops and produces its own products and systems. We use diagnostic technologies that are widely regarded as the most advanced in the industry. Our patented Diogenes algorithm is unmatched in discovering asymptomatic arrhythmias, as it’s the only algorithm that provides beat-to-beat analysis of the P wave as well as Rate, Rhythm, and QRS morphology.
Procedure billing options can be customized to your facility’s needs to maximize your financial well-being. Under a service solution, all Medicomp monitors are provided free of charge, so there are no capital investment or maintenance expenses.

You may purchase your own monitors from Medicomp to maximize your return on investment.

Medicomp prides itself on patient-friendly, no-hassle billing practices. Our billing experts will navigate the insurance labyrinth on behalf of your patients. We do not require pre-authorization, and we do not balance bill patients.
We’ll make it easy on you with seamless integration into your practice. We constantly receive praise from medical staff about how friendly, professional and supportive our certified clinicians, customer service staff, and billing support staff are. We’re available around the clock for all customer and patient needs.
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Case Studies & Network Solutions

Medicomp has engaged in full case studies of our technology and helped health care organizations successfully install full-disclosure network systems.

Matching Technology to the Patient’s Needs

Enhancing the Cardiac Diagnostic Yield through Rate, Rhythm, QRS Morphology and P-wave Analysis

Reducing the Time to Diagnosis and Treatment

Identifying and Documenting Cardiac Events “Justification for a Pacemaker” with the CardioPAL SAVI

Kaiser Permanente Network Solution

Medicomp creates the world’s largest and most advanced Holter network system across 27 hospitals.

Kaiser Mid-Atlantic Network Solution

Medicomp saves 35-location organization over hundreds of thousands with customized solution

Mid-Atlantic Cardiovascular Network Solution

After meeting every criteria point, Medicomp saves large cardiovascular group over $400,000

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