How Magnesium Deficiencies Can Affect Your Heart

According to the National Institutes of Health, 68% of Americans consume less than the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. While every organ in the human body needs this essential mineral, magnesium is especially important for proper heart function. Medicomp, creators of Holter patch, lists several ways a lack of magnesium can negatively affect your heart’s health.


Because magnesium is responsible for controlling nerve function, a lack of it can interfere with a person’s heartbeat. Instead of following a regular rhythm, the heart will begin palpitating or beating out of rhythm (called arrhythmia). Not only is this uncomfortable but allowing your heart to continue beating in an irregular pattern can lead to more serious conditions, like atrial fibrillation.

High Blood Pressure

Potassium and sodium levels in the blood are better controlled when your body has a sufficient amount of magnesium. The mineral keeps blood flowing at a normal rate by relaxing the muscles that are associated with blood vessels. The result is a steady blood pressure. Take away the necessary daily dose of magnesium and you may begin to experience high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the precursor for a stroke or a heart attack, so it is extremely important to take proper measures to keep your blood pressure at optimal levels.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The Institute for Natural Healing reported on the death of famous Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher. Fisher suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while flying in an airplane, which professionals believe may have been caused by low serum magnesium levels. The doctors point out that coronary artery heart disease and sudden cardiac death are both seen in patients who aren’t getting enough magnesium.

If your bloodwork shows you’re deficient, talk to your doctor about a magnesium spray. This spray is easy to use and highly potent. A 12-fluid ounce bottle has anywhere from 3,182 and 3,575 mg per ounce, depending on the brand you choose. Medicomp’s Holter patch can be used before and after you begin using the magnesium spray to monitor your heart health. You can learn more by calling 800-234-3278, or by checking out the latest information on our News Page.

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