Improving Medical Practice Morale

Your staff are the faces of your practice. When your patients call, they answer the phone. When they come in the office, your personnel greet them. When your staff is friendly, your patients are engaged and happy. What happens if morale in your office is not up to par, and, more importantly, how do you fix that? Medicomp, your ECG monitor specialists, has a few hints to heighten medical practice morale, which will positively affect your bottom line.

Your staff deserve to know how you want the office to flow. Train personnel, or have your office manager train them. Ensure every employee understands not only their role, but the roles of other individuals as well. Answer the “why” questions before they arise by giving concise reasons for the processes you have in place. Do not assume your personnel understands your thoughts. Talk them through tasks the first time, and give written instructions when necessary. Then listen. Communication is not you speaking to someone; it is the two of you speaking together. Listen to your employees: 70 percent of physicians believe their office offers open communication, but only 50 percent of employees feel the same. 

Address Problems Directly
When one of your employees has a problem, address it directly. Whether it is a singular incident or an ongoing distraction, the first step is determining the cause. Once the situation is isolated, steps leading to overcoming the obstacle can be taken. Oftentimes, employees battle piles of paperwork that may not be necessary; in other words, one form could suffice for several current individual forms. When processes are streamlined, the amount of daily repetition decreases and employee satisfaction escalates.

Provide Accommodations  
Working in an office with outdated equipment and tiny workstations is miserable. Small updates of wireless headphones or giving nurses tablets rather than tying them to desktops can free up space, and everyone enjoys working with better equipment. 

Share Praise
If an employee goes above and beyond helping a patient or another staff member, send a quick email — or, even better, sing their praises in a staff meeting. Recognition lasts a very long time. Employees also respond favorably to the tried and true tactics your mother taught: saying “please” and “thank you.” 

Improved employee morale can increase revenue by 20 percent. Keep your employees happy and stimulated by taking a few seconds to be polite to them. In turn, their attitude toward patients will improve, and your patients will thank you for how well your office runs: a circle of kindness. For more information on healthcare and ECG monitors, contact us online or at 800-23-HEART.

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