How to Be Heart Healthy at Any Age

Three weeks following conception, a baby’s heart will start to develop. A week later, that little heart is pumping blood to the rest of the developing organs. From that day forward and for the rest of that baby’s life, that heart will continue to beat, pumping blood through the body without a moment of rest.

It goes without saying that your heart’s health is always important to maintain. However, as we age our bodies and our lives change, so the steps we take to maintain a healthy heart must change as well.

As early as the age of 20, there are a few habits and steps you can take to keep your heart working at its best. A good first step is to check your family’s health records for a history of heart disease. Knowing that your family is susceptible to heart disease early on in life will allow you to take certain measures that can help reduce your chances of encountering similar problems. Learning to drink in moderation is also important. Enjoying alcohol is fine, but you should limit your consumption early to avoid stressing your heart in the future. Women should talk to their doctors about their options for birth control to weigh the risks for heart disease and stroke. Some oral contraceptives can raise blood pressure, and it’s important for women to understand the risks before committing to these products.

Once you reach your 30s and 40s, you will probably juggle work, a social life, and a family, but you still need to squeeze heart health into your daily routine. Keep your personal health a priority. This means taking time to relax and getting plenty of sleep. Not having enough time to do so is not an excuse, health for yourself and other should always be your top priority.

At the age of 50 and beyond, your body stops working the way it used to. Make sure you keep your doctor informed of all the bodily changes that you’re experiencing and ask them to educate you on the steps that need to be taken to keep your heart functioning at its best. Regular cardiac monitoring is important to ensure that your heart is working at its best. Even if there are no prevalent problems showing on the outside, your body’s internal functions could be gradually debilitating.

To learn more about cardiac monitoring, visit the Medicomp Inc. website today. Share this post and help educate your family and friends of the importance of heart health. Whether young or old, heart health should be a primary concern and top priority.

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