Find Motivation to Improve Heart Health

If your cardiovascular health can be described as poor or intermediate, you’ll want to take steps to improve it to prevent serious complications, like a stroke or heart attack. Here are some methods to find the motivation to better your heart health.

The My Heart Challenge

Intermountain Heart Institute created the My Heart Challenge to encourage healthy heart habits. 13 nonprofit organizations in Salt Lake County choose an individual to represent them in the challenge. The participants received coaching and spent 100 days implementing the strategies they learned to improve their heart health. At the end of the challenge, the winner received $1,000 toward their favorite charity.

You may want to follow Intermountain Heart Institute’s lead and create your own challenge. Get together with your support group or friends and family members who are in similar situations, and select a reward that would be motivating to everyone participating. Designate a timeframe for the challenge to take place and then administer the reward to person who shows the most improvement.

Find a Sport You Enjoy

An important part of improving heart health is consistency when it comes to exercise. If working out in a gym causes you to have feelings of dread, you won’t complete that goal. Instead, make a list of your favorite physical activities. Perhaps you love swimming three times a week and going for a bike ride two days per week. Tennis, soccer, basketball, and hockey are also great ways to stay fit. Ask a friend to join to make the activity even more enjoyable!

Track Your Progress

Another way to find motivation is to track your progress. Create a chart so you can check off every time you exercise, drink water, eat heart-healthy meals, and eliminate bad habits. Reviewing your weekly progress and seeing your success will encourage you to keep up the good work.

If you come across any roadblocks, discuss them with your doctor right away. There may be an easy solution to help you get your motivation back. Our innovative Holter patch is a tool your doctor can use to monitor your heart that will reveal your baseline and show how your heart has responded to your new heart-healthy habits. Call 800-234-3278 to learn more about this device, or visit our News Page to read up on the latest findings.  

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