Does Your Child Have a Congenital Heart Defect?

New parents are constantly worried about the health of their child, and discovering a congenital heart defect can potentially put your child at risk for more serious conditions. Heart defects can be inhibiting to the child but those who have been diagnosed with a heart defect can live the same quality life as anyone else. Children and adults can both lead a healthy, active life and those who incorporate regular physical activity within their daily lifestyle can receive numerous health benefits. Cardiac monitoring solutions can help doctors diagnose defects and help you understand how it can affect your daily lifestyle.

Although it’s best to talk with your doctor about the amount of physical activity that someone with a heart defect should do, engaging yourself in exercise and help maintain a strong heart. Some of the most beneficial exercises involve aerobic activities that increase your heart rate, such as biking, jogging or swimming. For children, team sports are a great opportunity to increase your child’s physical activity. Most patients who exercise will experience benefits that would outweigh any risks, and it’s best to stay away from activities that involve straining, like weightlifting.

Typically those who have congenital heart defects tire out quicker than those without heart defects because they have less oxygen in their bloodstream. There are several treatment options available that can help the heart function without invasive treatments like the use of medication. Invasive treatments involve surgery and put the patient at a higher risk, and doesn’t lead to a cure.

Does your child have a congenital heart defect? Heart monitoring solutions can help doctors quickly diagnose heart defects and can help doctors create a plan on managing the defect. Medicomp Inc specializes in designing and developing cardiac monitoring services to help provide the most accurate information on your cardiac health. Learn more about our services and how we can help you by calling us at 1-800-23-HEART.

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