Does Process Affect the Patient Experience?

A patient is admitted to the hospital with multiple system failures. Several specialists and their teams are alerted to his arrival and begin their own specific process of admitting and assessing the patient. The situation facing most health care facilities is not the level of care, but the delivery of that care. Each physician has his or her own process for new patient admittance and recording. When these processes overlap in the patient’s electronic health record (EHR), confusion and frustration ensue. The Holter monitoring team at Medicomp finds that when one standardized process for patient care is shared throughout an organization, it can greatly reduce redundancy.

Streamlining Care

Patient care is obviously unique; every patient has their own health care needs. However, the processes of charting, taking patient information, work-up, follow-ups, et cetera, can easily be streamlined into one process. One healthcare organization brought together EHR managers, furniture designers, architects, interior designers, and healthcare professionals to create the ultimate facility. By receiving input and suggestions from staff, the technicians and designers were able to create a unique facility that operates at peak efficiency. Positive patient comments skyrocketed as patients were seen in a timely manner and doctors and nurses were able to pull patient records quickly and effortlessly. Since the procedures were streamlined and easily noted health care professionals knew all the steps were correctly followed and they could relax

Positive Patient Experience

As EHR information was accessed and updated by each provider, the information was quickly entered and known by all parties. Patients were less likely to have medication contraindications and unnecessary or redundant tests performed, which saved patient money, insurance questions, and hospital equipment use. Many organizations noted a 50-80% increase in improvement of baseline performance on patient care and recordkeeping through standardized processes. In the aforementioned healthcare organization’s makeover, provider search time was reduced by 23 minutes per patient, screening rate compliance soared from 60% to 72%, and positive patient feedback improved tremendously.
Building a process takes effort, but the amount of time given at the front end of the process will significantly enhance every patient’s visit. Medicomp understands the importance of processes and we carefully screen our products to ensure they are as technologically perfect as possible. Contact our Holter monitoring experts at 800-23-HEART to learn how our standardized processes enhance productivity.

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