Telemetry Unit Monitors Ensure Health of Cardiac Patients

Telemetry monitoring is a broad term that involves monitoring any kind of activity that can be measured electronically, and translating measurable results into an observable spectrum that can be read by people. In the medical world these machines are vital to recording the activities and vital signs of cardiac patients. Telemetry unit monitors are commonly [...]

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Summer Heart Health

When summer comes around, many adults give into the laid-back, “school’s out” kind of attitude, and your life may not seem as chaotic as normal. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get into a more heart healthy routine during the relaxing and stress-free season. Although many may be concerned with exercising during the [...]

Heart Problems Don’t Discriminate

Whether you are old or young, no matter what beliefs you have or what gender you are, heart disease and heart problems can still happen to you. Often times when people think of heart problems they think of the elderly and don't believe anything could happen to the young. Here at Medicomp, we have been [...]

Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

Although many tend to say that some stress is good, the other side of stress tends to wear us down and affect us emotionally, behaviorally, and physically, manifesting a variety of symptoms that you might not even think are related to stress. Stress can originate from an array of different sources, which can lead to [...]

What is Telemetry?

You may have heard the term “telemetry” before, but you might wonder what it actually refers to. Along with mobile cardiac telemetry used in heart monitoring, telemetry actually has a number of other uses. Telemetry refers to the automatic measurement and transmission of data at a distance by radio, cellular or other means. Some major [...]