MELBOURNE, Fla. – Medicomp Inc., a technology leader in remote and wireless cardiac monitoring, today announced it has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating compliance with its nationally recognized standards. The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to [...]

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Medicomp Recognized as Top 10 Company

Medicomp, diagnostic cardiology leaders since 1981, is proud to announce that MedTech Outlook magazine has recognized Medicomp as a Top 10 Cardiovascular Device Company for 2018. MedTech Outlook, a leading medical technologies journal for health care professionals, recognizes 10 companies each year that are “at the forefront of tackling customer challenges.” This list then helps [...]

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What to Look Forward to at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions

The Heart Rhythm Society’s 39th annual Scientific Sessions is set to take place from May 9-12 in Boston, Massachusetts. The expo, which focuses on ending the death and suffering caused by heart rhythm disorders, brings awareness to an issue affecting millions of people, as well as revealing new patient care techniques, technology, and scientific advancements. [...]

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Experts Come Together at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions

Brilliant minds from around the globe will be gathering at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts on May 9-12 for the Heart Rhythm Society’s 39th annual Scientific Sessions. Medicomp, innovators of a premium mobile cardiac monitor, will be joining fellow industry leaders in attendance. The expo includes exhibits and educational sessions with [...]

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Medicomp to Attend ACC.18 in Orlando from March 10-12

Medicomp, diagnostic cardiology leaders since 1981, is attending the American College of Cardiology’s 67th Annual Scientific Session and Expo, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from March 10-12. The largest gathering of innovative cardiovascular products and services, ACC.18 features nearly 300 companies and organizations paving way in pharmaceuticals, imaging, devices, health [...]

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Introducing the Newly Improved Holter Monitoring System by Medicomp

The American Heart Association observes that heart-health screenings are extremely important in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. This involves checking blood pressure, blood glucose levels, physical activity, diet, and weight. Depending on what these screenings reveal, it may also be helpful to have a patient wear a heart monitor. Medicomp, the makers of a [...]

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TelePatch™ Long-Term Holter to be Unveiled at Heart Rhythm 2017

Medicomp will unveil its highly-anticipated Long-Term Holter service on its TelePatch 4-in-1 Monitoring System to the 12,000 attendees at Heart Rhythm 2017 in Chicago, May 10-12. This new service offers Holter monitoring from three to 14 days in a completely wireless wearable solution. In addition to Long-Term Holter, TelePatch is capable of short-term Holter, Wireless [...]

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Medicomp to Attend ACC.17 in Washington, DC on March 17-19

Medicomp, developer and manufacturer of TelePatchTM 3-in-1 Monitoring System, is attending the American College of Cardiology’s 66th Annual Scientific Session and Expo in Washington, DC on March 17-19. As an event with heavy influence, ACC.17 features around 300 exhibitors and cardiovascular attendees from countries across the world. Medicomp looks forward to meeting with other vendors, [...]

Medicomp to Attend AF Symposium in Orlando January 12-14

Medicomp, leaders in diagnostic cardiology since 1981, has again announced that it will have representatives at the 2017 AF Symposium to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. The symposium serves as a stage for Medicomp to demonstrate its newest signature cardiac monitoring technology. The TelePatch acts as a 3-in-1 monitor that utilizes [...]

Medicomp to Attend ACC.16 in Chicago on April 2-4

Medicomp, developer and manufacturer of TelePatch  3-in-1 Monitoring System, will be attending the American College of Cardiology's ACC.16 exposition on April 2-4, 2016, in Chicago. This important event showcases nearly 300 exhibitors and cardiovascular attendees from more than 100 countries. Reaching over 10,000 professionals in one setting gives Medicomp the ability to meet with other [...]

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Medicomp to Attend AF Symposium in Orlando January 14-16

Medicomp, which develops, manufactures, and distributes cardiac monitoring devices and provides 24-hour-a-day cardiac services, has recently announced it will have representatives on hand at the 2016 AF Symposium to be held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Convention Center in Florida. The three-day symposium, which showcases the latest advances in the care of patients suffering from [...]

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Medicomp’s Role in Clinical Trials for the Advancement of Heart Monitoring

For years, Medicomp has been on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to mobile cardiac monitors. From Holter monitors to smart phone connected telemetry, our dedication to improving physician to patient care drives our continued efforts to create the next innovation in heart monitoring. As lead innovators in the heart monitoring industry, Medicomp [...]

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Medicomp Introduces, a Patch-Style Medical Monitoring System

Medicomp, Inc., announces the pending release of an external patch-style medical monitoring system. Medicomp’s new offering will initially provide flexible Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, in a single compact patient-friendly device. The platform, combined with Medicomp’s clinical monitoring centers staffed 24/7/365, creates the opportunity to provide integrated multi-diagnostic parameters into a single patient picture. [...]

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Medicomp is a Top 100 Company for Working Families

A major Central Florida newspaper recently named Medicomp as one of the Top 100 Companies for Working Families for 2014.   The Orlando Sentinel recognized Medicomp for outstanding qualities in the areas of core and family-related benefits, work environment, communication, and training.   Medicomp is proud to provide a work environment and supports and respects [...]

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Heart Palpitations: What Do They Mean?

If you’ve ever felt your heart flutter or it seems like your heart has skipped a beat, or you even feel like your heart is beating to hard or too fast, you’ve likely experienced a heart palpitation. There are many reasons why they occur, some of them harmless, and others being a sign of an [...]

Does Your Child Have a Congenital Heart Defect?

New parents are constantly worried about the health of their child, and discovering a congenital heart defect can potentially put your child at risk for more serious conditions. Heart defects can be inhibiting to the child but those who have been diagnosed with a heart defect can live the same quality life as anyone else. [...]

Tests for Congenital Heart Defects

Congenital heart defects are heart abnormalities that are present at birth, and often times aren’t detrimental to the health of a child. Although, there are cases where it may be more severe, infants who are diagnosed with a congenital heart defect could require medication or surgery soon after birth. What type of cardiac monitoring tests [...]

Are You At Risk For a Heart Arrhythmia?

Heart arrhythmias are identified by abnormal and irregular heartbeats that can lead to health complications including stroke and heart failure. Some patients may have no symptoms at all, although a doctor may identify an abnormal heartbeat during a routine examination. Symptoms occurring from an arrhythmia may or may not indicate a serious problem, but should [...]

Medicomp News gets a new look

Welcome to our new and improved "Showcase" section of our website! It is our hope that you can now more easily find  resources regarding our cardiac monitoring services. We will be posting training tools, updates, and industry relevant topics in an effort to provide you with greater insight into Medicomp and our committment to helping [...]

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