Genetics Not As Influential in Heart Disease as Previously Thought

Along with stress, sleep patterns, obesity, and a healthy lifestyle, genetics play an integral part in the diagnosis and care of heart disease. Or do they? How important are family history and genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease? You may be surprised to find a number of influential studies have tested genetics and its correlation to [...]

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The Medicomp Difference: A Deeper Analysis

Medicomp entered the ambulatory cardiac monitoring business in 1981 and took the industry by storm. After 36 years of experience, Medicomp proudly began offering revolutionary patch monitoring products using new technologies to provide the clearest diagnostics possible. We consistently deliver devices that exceed expectations and meet the needs of both doctors and patients – not [...]

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The Future of Global ECG Equipment Expected to Hit 6.3 Billion by 2022

Recent pushes for preventive health care along with escalating cardiovascular disorder diagnoses are creating a surge in electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment sales. Grand View Research, Inc., estimates ECG equipment sales will reach $6.3 billion by the year 2022. Medicomp, leaders in cardiac event recorders, are helping to shape that future with their state-of-the-art cardiovascular and coronary [...]

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Benefits and Features of an Event Recorder

Medical care is slowly but surely making advancements on a daily basis. As technology advances, the amount of care and attention doctors can give to each of their patients increases. One example of this change in care through technology is advancement of the cardiac event monitor. Cardiac event recorders have changed from being large clunky [...]

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Why Do I Need To Wear a Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is a portable device that many doctors prescribe patients to wear when they need to solve a medical mystery. The monitor allows doctors to measure the heart’s rate and rhythm in order to determine how a patient’s heart is functioning. It is typically worn between 24 and 48 hours while patients continue [...]

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Summer Heart Health

When summer comes around, many adults give into the laid-back, “school’s out” kind of attitude, and your life may not seem as chaotic as normal. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get into a more heart healthy routine during the relaxing and stress-free season. Although many may be concerned with exercising during the [...]

Heart Problems Don’t Discriminate

Whether you are old or young, no matter what beliefs you have or what gender you are, heart disease and heart problems can still happen to you. Often times when people think of heart problems they think of the elderly and don't believe anything could happen to the young. Here at Medicomp, we have been [...]

Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

Although many tend to say that some stress is good, the other side of stress tends to wear us down and affect us emotionally, behaviorally, and physically, manifesting a variety of symptoms that you might not even think are related to stress. Stress can originate from an array of different sources, which can lead to [...]

Why Heart Monitoring is Important

An irregular heartbeat is commonly known as an arrhythmia, something that many people throughout their lifetime may experience. Your normal heartbeat can be affected, often causing your heart to beat too slowly or too fast, or even in an irregular pattern. Many arrhythmias are often harmless and tend to go unnoticed, but there are several [...]

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Five Super Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that obesity and being overweight can increase your risk of having heart problems including stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. High blood pressure is a major risk for those overweight because it contributes to strokes and heart disease, the leading causes of death for both women and men in the United States. [...]

Tests for Congenital Heart Defects

Congenital heart defects are heart abnormalities that are present at birth, and often times aren’t detrimental to the health of a child. Although, there are cases where it may be more severe, infants who are diagnosed with a congenital heart defect could require medication or surgery soon after birth. What type of cardiac monitoring tests [...]

What is a Holter Monitor?

Holter monitors are one of the most technically advanced ways for doctors to monitor your heart with more accuracy than a traditional electrocardiogram (ECG). These monitors are typically fitted to the patient after they have had an ECG for further monitoring and interpretation of electrical activity of the heart. Holter monitors are worn for a [...]