Vitamins and Your Heart’s Health

Television commercials make it seem as if taking a multivitamin is the answer to all your health needs. Is this true, or are vitamin supplements simply a creative marketing ploy? The portable cardiac monitor company, Medicomp, uncovered a number of facts pertaining to vitamins, especially those relating to heart health.  Can Vitamins Replace a Healthy [...]

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Can You Be “Too Young” for Heart Problems?

Watch any commercial for health-related products and you may believe heart problems only occur in the elderly. However, millions of people in younger generations are likely to face cardiovascular problems, such as diabetes, heart attacks, or strokes. And, contrary to what you see on social media, these diseases do not happen to only old men! [...]

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What to Know About Your Heart

Most people understand the basic principles of how the heart works: blood pumps into the heart, which squeezes the blood throughout the body. But how exactly does the heart pump? How many times will it pulse blood through the heart? Can eating certain foods actually be better than taking medicine? Medicomp, the cardiac event monitor [...]

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Assessing Your Heart Health

No matter your age, it’s always a good idea to understand how your heart works. Take a few minutes during your next yearly exam to ask the nurse what your blood pressure and pulse are, and use those numbers as your baseline any time you check your vital signs at home in the future. Medicomp’s [...]

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Aspirin and Your Heart

The American Heart Association has long recommended a low-dose aspirin daily for anyone wishing to prevent a heart attack or stroke. This precautionary measure kept blood clots from forming, which reduced the amount and severity of heart attacks and strokes. Several decades later, further research has determined that a low-dose aspirin may not be as [...]

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Stress and Your Heart

Everyone experiences stress. Knowing that you have things to do during the day means you have to be out of bed to complete those tasks. Medicomp, the ambulatory cardiac monitor company, knows stress is inevitable, but how you deal with that stress is unique to you. By learning to manage stress, you can keep your [...]

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Is Red Wine Actually Good for Your Heart?

The link between red wine and a healthy heart has had strong proponents for quite some time. But is that link valid? How much wine is healthy? Should everyone be drinking red wine? Medicomp, the cardiac event monitor company, would like to clear the confusion surrounding red wine and cardiovascular health to help you decide [...]

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Fad Diets and Your Heart

With every new year comes a fascinating new diet that will miraculously increase your energy level as you lose weight. But how effective are these diets, and how do they affect your heart? Medicomp, the wearable cardiac monitor specialists, wants you to know the effects that fad diets can have your health. Cleansing and Detoxifying [...]

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Can Exercise Make Your Heart Younger?

A recent study showed that when people reached around age 60, heart muscles do not have the elasticity they once did. Because the heart loses elasticity as we age, it cannot pump blood as powerfully or effectively. And because the heart muscle cannot fully expand and contract, it tends to be smaller in size. Smaller [...]

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How Does Sleep Affect Your Heart Health?

Many people know that a lack of sleep affects your heart, there’s more to it than how many hours you sleep at night. The wearable cardiac monitor experts at Medicomp bring you this information regarding a recent sleep study from Duke Health and the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Researchers studied the health and sleeping habits [...]

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Tracking Heart Rate Variability

For decades, scientists and physicians have been tracking heart health by recording blood pressure and heart rate readings. But within the last 20 years, another factor has shown to be an accurate indicator of fitness and overall health — heart rate variability, or HRV. Tracking HRV with a remote cardiac monitor from Medicomp can be [...]

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Remembering to Take Medication

To stay healthy, you visit your doctor regularly. You try to eat whole foods and have started exercising. Your doctor gave you a prescription for two types of medication; one you take in the morning and the other you take at night. Sometimes you remember to take both medicines, other times you forget. The cardiac [...]

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Vitamin D’s Effect on Heart Health

Vitamin D has long been recognized as promoting healthy bones, but a recent study has recently linked vitamin D with cardiovascular health. In particular, those with low levels of vitamin D were more likely to suffer from heart failure and coronary artery disease. Medicomp, the cardiac event recorder leaders, present this information on how vitamin [...]

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Using Your Phone to Track Your Health

Medicomp, the portable cardiac monitor specialists, has a long history of combining technology with health care. Recent innovations in cell phone apps have given a large population access to physicians and centralized recordkeeping to help manage their health. Below is a sampling of some of the top performing apps on the market. Medici (for iOS [...]

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Unusual Heart Attack Signs

It has been well documented that radiating pain in the left arm and constricting chest pain are signs of a heart attack. However, some people show uncommon symptoms when suffering a heart attack. Medicomp, your remote cardiac monitor specialists, want you to be aware of the following symptoms. If you feel you are experiencing any [...]

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How Pets Help Your Heart

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note that about half of Americans have at least one of the following three risk factors for heart disease: smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Diet and exercise are great ways to reduce your risk, but they aren't the only way. Medicomp, creators of the Event [...]

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What Happens After a Heart Attack?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that every year 790,000 Americans suffer a heart attack with 580,000 of those being the patient's first attack. When an individual is released from the hospital after having a heart attack, he or she may be wondering what happens next. Medicomp, innovators of first-rate Holter Monitoring [...]

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New Finding in the Genetic Link Between Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease

The Alzheimer's Association lists Alzheimer's Disease as the 6th leading cause of death in the United States; it affects more than 5.5 million individuals. Currently, there is no cure for this disease that affects a person’s memory and ability to think. Medicomp, innovators of first-rate Holter monitoring equipment, report on the newly discovered link between [...]

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Heart Health and the Vegan Diet

According to the Texas Heart Institute, heart failure is something that happens gradually. It is possible to go years without experiencing a symptom. That’s why it is so important to understand and mitigate your risk factors. Medicomp, Holter patch innovators, take a look at a new study that compares a vegan diet with other popular [...]

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