How Fitness Trackers May Change Patient Treatment

As technology continues to advance, more and more devices are being invented to help patients improve their overall health. Fitness trackers are designed to do just that, and the latest models are even capable of sending the information they collect straight to your doctor. Medicomp, the makers of a top-notch mobile cardiac monitor, report on [...]

Heart Arrhythmia in Athletes

We are  told by our doctors that exercise is one of the essential components of living a heart healthy lifestyle. The heart is made up of muscles, and like all other muscles in our body, the more we train it, the stronger it gets. When our hearts become stronger, they require less beats to effectively [...]

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What is the Connection between Sleep Apnea and Atrial Fibrillation?

Medicomp’s commitment to advancing the science of patient monitoring means staying abreast of all things heart related and sleep is absolutely connected to your heart’s health. Heartbeats are controlled by electrical impulses that cause the muscles of the heart to contract. These impulses work to create a rhythm that pumps blood throughout the body. When [...]

Consumption of Energy Drinks Linked to Arrhythmias

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to energy drinks? Perhaps you might think twice about opening up that energy drink to start your day. A new study has shown that an energy drinking habit may be affecting your hearts’ ability to properly function. Though event recorders can help identify irregular heartbeats over [...]

Heart Palpitations: What Do They Mean?

If you’ve ever felt your heart flutter or it seems like your heart has skipped a beat, or you even feel like your heart is beating to hard or too fast, you’ve likely experienced a heart palpitation. There are many reasons why they occur, some of them harmless, and others being a sign of an [...]

Why Heart Monitoring is Important

An irregular heartbeat is commonly known as an arrhythmia, something that many people throughout their lifetime may experience. Your normal heartbeat can be affected, often causing your heart to beat too slowly or too fast, or even in an irregular pattern. Many arrhythmias are often harmless and tend to go unnoticed, but there are several [...]

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Five Super Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that obesity and being overweight can increase your risk of having heart problems including stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. High blood pressure is a major risk for those overweight because it contributes to strokes and heart disease, the leading causes of death for both women and men in the United States. [...]

Does Your Child Have a Congenital Heart Defect?

New parents are constantly worried about the health of their child, and discovering a congenital heart defect can potentially put your child at risk for more serious conditions. Heart defects can be inhibiting to the child but those who have been diagnosed with a heart defect can live the same quality life as anyone else. [...]

Tests for Congenital Heart Defects

Congenital heart defects are heart abnormalities that are present at birth, and often times aren’t detrimental to the health of a child. Although, there are cases where it may be more severe, infants who are diagnosed with a congenital heart defect could require medication or surgery soon after birth. What type of cardiac monitoring tests [...]

Are You At Risk For a Heart Arrhythmia?

Heart arrhythmias are identified by abnormal and irregular heartbeats that can lead to health complications including stroke and heart failure. Some patients may have no symptoms at all, although a doctor may identify an abnormal heartbeat during a routine examination. Symptoms occurring from an arrhythmia may or may not indicate a serious problem, but should [...]