How Fitness Trackers May Change Patient Treatment

As technology continues to advance, more and more devices are being invented to help patients improve their overall health. Fitness trackers are designed to do just that, and the latest models are even capable of sending the information they collect straight to your doctor. Medicomp, the makers of a top-notch mobile cardiac monitor, report on [...]

Out of Date Nutrition Advice You Should Stop Telling Patients

Our understanding of how certain foods benefit our bodies has evolved over the years. It is important to identify any old beliefs about proper nutrition and replace them with advice learned from newer studies. Here is a list of out-of-date nutritional advice you need to stop using and what new information you should be promoting [...]

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New Study Shows Benefits of PFO Closure in Stroke Patients

According to the American Heart Association, approximately 25 percent of the general population has a patent foramen ovale (PFO). In many cases, PFOs are not discovered until after a patient has a cryptogenic stroke. Unfortunately, this leads patients to be more susceptible to future strokes. RESPECT Trial The RESPECT trial included 980 patients with an [...]

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The Medicomp Difference: A Deeper Analysis

Medicomp entered the ambulatory cardiac monitoring business in 1981 and took the industry by storm. After 36 years of experience, Medicomp proudly began offering revolutionary patch monitoring products using new technologies to provide the clearest diagnostics possible. We consistently deliver devices that exceed expectations and meet the needs of both doctors and patients – not [...]

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Increase in Virtual Visits Boasts Importance of Other Cardiac Technology

As the world’s values shift towards convenience and instant gratification, the future of cardiology is arriving. Online communication is changing every facet of life from how we watch television to how we commute to work. Cardiology is no different. It is expected that within the next 10 years, about 20 percent of routine doctor appointments [...]

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Atrial Fibrillation: The Communication Gap Between Patients and Doctors

In order to provide top-quality patient care, doctors certainly need to be technically skilled, but communication also plays a large role. Especially with atrial fibrillation patients, studies have indicated that there is a communication gap between patients and doctors. In order to best maintain patient health and wellness, doctors need to carefully communicate with patients [...]

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Medicomp to Attend AF Symposium in Orlando January 12-14

Medicomp, leaders in diagnostic cardiology since 1981, has again announced that it will have representatives at the 2017 AF Symposium to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. The symposium serves as a stage for Medicomp to demonstrate its newest signature cardiac monitoring technology. The TelePatch acts as a 3-in-1 monitor that utilizes [...]

The Cost Effectiveness of Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Is mobile cardiac telemetry worth it? According to an observational study where more than 200,000 patients suffering from cardiovascular disease were followed for almost five years, the addition of mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) proved extremely beneficial. The study, reported in the peer-reviewed journal Medical Devices: Evidence and Research, gathered data on 163,000 patients who wore [...]

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Introducing the TelePatch™ by Medicomp

Patients and doctors will soon have a new method for monitoring cardiac health, thanks to advancements in technology developed by Medicomp. TelePatch™ is the latest breakthrough in the world of ECG patches. This innovative product is a 3-in-1 monitoring system that works as a short- and long-term Holter, a wireless event monitor, and a mobile [...]

AF Detection & Treatment Improved After Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring in Stroke Patients

More than 500,000 Americans a year suffer from ischemic strokes that alter blood flow to the brain. Of this number, a quarter of these dangerous strokes often have an unknown cause. Patients who suffer cryptogenic ischemic strokes, or strokes causing a cerebral embolism or cerebral thrombosis lacking a defined etiology, are often monitored for occult [...]

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ICD Therapy Proved Effective in Treating Brugada Syndrome

Recent studies on instances of Brugada syndrome arrhythmias treated with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) therapy have determined that the ICDs are effective in quelling potentially fatal arrhythmias in patients. Brugada syndrome is a genetic disorder causing arrhythmias in otherwise normal patients and is the major cause of sudden unexplained death syndrome in adults. Brugada syndrome [...]

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Advanced Ultrasound Now Available to Cardiologists

Determining the damage to heart tissue is often frustrating when an ultrasound shows only a grainy, hard-to-discern image. GE Healthcare has been working on new software technology to complement its most sophisticated cardiovascular ultrasound systems. This software, cSound, delivers much more precise images, and cardiologists and technicians are showering it with praise. Cardiologist Bijoy Khandheria [...]

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Heart Disease and Women

When most people mentally picture an individual with heart disease, the image that comes to mind is a middle-aged to older man. However, one in four women in the United States die due to heart disease, approximately 300,000 deaths a year. This statistic is more tremendous when it is recognized that almost the same number [...]

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Australian Cardiologist Uses 3D Printing to Help with Surgery

As technology has grown and mobile cardiac monitors are being used more often, doctors have come to realize that there are some areas of medicine that have only begun to reach their true potential. In the case of 3D printing, doctors have been able to make unique producible solutions for many problems. Yet, as much [...]

Stress and its Effects on the Heart

Stress comes naturally to everyone, but it is not wise to ignore it just because it’s common. High blood pressure, chest pains, and heart disease are among many physical problems that can result from stress. Even though there aren’t any definitive reasons how stress makes heart disease more prevalent, there are many issues that lead [...]

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New Advice for Runners and Drugs for Heart Health

Recently, the FDA has issued a statement to warn runners about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as over-the-counter ibuprofen. Another report proposes how taking aspirin before a marathon could decrease the risk of heart attacks for marathon runners in older men. In order to decrease the chances of having musculoskeletal pains, runners will often take [...]

New Bandage to Help with Post-Device Implantation

Prevention of the formation of hematomas has been difficult for electrophysiologists and other professionals after the implantation of ambulatory cardiac monitors, especially those patients that use antiplatelet agents with cardiovascular diseases. In order to avoid the formation of a hematoma, great care must be taken after surgery to make sure the wound properly heals. Among [...]

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The Importance of MCT

The continuous attention of ambulatory cardiac monitoring in near real-time is MCT (mobile cardiac telemetry). Through MCT, an ambulatory cardiac monitoring service can observe patients at their homes and while they’re out doing daily functions, even sleeping. The mobile cardiac monitored information is relayed to a site location where a patient’s ECG (electrocardiogram) can be [...]

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