4 Things a Cardiac Monitor Can Tell Your Doctor

Cardiac monitoring solutions are a great way for doctors to understand a patients’ overall heart health, and can provide enough information to quickly and accurately make a diagnosis based on several details within a heart monitor. While each arrhythmia monitoring device is a little different, these details are essential in diagnosing any underlying and potentially [...]

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Heart Problems Don’t Discriminate

Whether you are old or young, no matter what beliefs you have or what gender you are, heart disease and heart problems can still happen to you. Often times when people think of heart problems they think of the elderly and don't believe anything could happen to the young. Here at Medicomp, we have been [...]

Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

Although many tend to say that some stress is good, the other side of stress tends to wear us down and affect us emotionally, behaviorally, and physically, manifesting a variety of symptoms that you might not even think are related to stress. Stress can originate from an array of different sources, which can lead to [...]

Consumption of Energy Drinks Linked to Arrhythmias

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to energy drinks? Perhaps you might think twice about opening up that energy drink to start your day. A new study has shown that an energy drinking habit may be affecting your hearts’ ability to properly function. Though event recorders can help identify irregular heartbeats over [...]