Encouraging Patients to Follow Up

You wish the best for your patients, and following surgery or treatment, it is imperative to understand how their bodies are reacting. Obviously this concerns following up at intervals. However, patients are often under the impression that following up is unnecessary and expensive if they feel fine. The cardiac monitor experts at Medicomp take a [...]

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Is Telemedicine the Future of Health Care?

Telemedicine, or the ability for a doctor to complete a patient examination remotely utilizing technology, is not a new concept. In fact, the concept dates back to 1925 when Hugo Gernsback published a theory that remote aperture that could be controlled wirelessly to help a doctor physically “examine” a patient. Today’s telemedicine has advanced tremendously [...]

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Vitamins and Your Heart’s Health

Television commercials make it seem as if taking a multivitamin is the answer to all your health needs. Is this true, or are vitamin supplements simply a creative marketing ploy? The portable cardiac monitor company, Medicomp, uncovered a number of facts pertaining to vitamins, especially those relating to heart health.  Can Vitamins Replace a Healthy [...]

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Focusing on the Patient

A huge chasm divides “dealing with” a patient and “working with” a patient. When private practice physicians and attending physicians decide on a course of treatment for a patient and then allow the patient to add input into that plan, they are collaborating in patient-centered care. This approach gives patients a share in how their [...]

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Improving Medical Practice Morale

Your staff are the faces of your practice. When your patients call, they answer the phone. When they come in the office, your personnel greet them. When your staff is friendly, your patients are engaged and happy. What happens if morale in your office is not up to par, and, more importantly, how do you [...]

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Holter Monitor

Holter monitors can determine a patient’s cardiac anomalies when a standard ECG shows no abnormal activity after a set amount of time in the office or in a diagnostic setting. While many patients may recognize Holter monitors as a necessary method of diagnosing abnormal heart rate directly before or after cardiac surgery, Holter monitors can [...]

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Can You Be “Too Young” for Heart Problems?

Watch any commercial for health-related products and you may believe heart problems only occur in the elderly. However, millions of people in younger generations are likely to face cardiovascular problems, such as diabetes, heart attacks, or strokes. And, contrary to what you see on social media, these diseases do not happen to only old men! [...]

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Reducing Prescriptions

The Internet is a double-edged sword: one side shows how patients can educate themselves on their illness and look up the correct type of treatment, while the other side predicts dire consequences from a common cold and recommends medication for any illness — whether it is borne of bacteria or a virus. As a physician, [...]

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Treating with Compassion

Think of a program that will benefit patients, make your staff happier, and cause referrals to escalate. Sound enticing? What if the program was free? Treating patients with dignity and compassion costs nothing extra, but gives those patients a sense of value and, in their eyes, you become a healing superstar. Read the information below [...]

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Diogenes Algorithm

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken center stage in many realms of science. It sounds like a surreal concept that overestimates computers and underestimates human intellect. However, Medicomp’s Diogenes algorithm is artificial intelligence technology at its peak. This remarkable programming marvel is the basis of all Medicomp’s portable cardiac monitors, not just the top-of-the-line models.  Every [...]

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What to Know About Your Heart

Most people understand the basic principles of how the heart works: blood pumps into the heart, which squeezes the blood throughout the body. But how exactly does the heart pump? How many times will it pulse blood through the heart? Can eating certain foods actually be better than taking medicine? Medicomp, the cardiac event monitor [...]

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Staying Healthy as a Medical Professional

Caring for your patients is stressful; you take on many of their problems and difficulties throughout the day and even while you are away from the office you still dwell on patient situations. Along with the mental strain, the sheer amount of hours you work negatively impacts your schedule. How can you help yourself stay [...]

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TelePatch Cardiac Monitoring System

When Medicomp conceptualized the idea of a new portable cardiac monitor, they brought together the best technology they had contrived in the past, including the stringent beat-for-beat rate, rhythm, morphology, and P-wave analysis indicative of all their monitors, then added all other possible features while addressing the complaints they had heard from customers and physicians [...]

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Keeping Patient Data Secure

In order to grow a satisfied patient base, it is important to establish a relationship built upon trust. While your words and actions are the most positive source of trust, another — much newer — component of trust is protecting patient data. The telemetry unit specialists at Medicomp share the following information pertaining to your [...]

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Assessing Your Heart Health

No matter your age, it’s always a good idea to understand how your heart works. Take a few minutes during your next yearly exam to ask the nurse what your blood pressure and pulse are, and use those numbers as your baseline any time you check your vital signs at home in the future. Medicomp’s [...]

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Discussing Organ Donation

Talking to distraught family members about the possibility of their loved one donating organs is not an easy task. As the primary care physician, begin the conversation well in advance while the patient is in good health. Medicomp, the ambulatory cardiac monitor company, has several suggestions on how to gently guide your patients through the [...]

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Following Up With Your Patients

The office visit is usually a rushed affair with a greeting, question and answer session, diagnosis, and, if necessary, a follow-up with medication changes or diagnostic tests. The patient is dismissed, and you move on to the next examination room. Medicomp, the wearable cardiac monitor professionals, has important facts and information pertaining to following up [...]

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Managing Physicians’ Workloads

Between paperwork, non-clinical duties, and an abundance of patients, physicians have a heavy workload to manage. The telemetry unit team at Medicomp wants to offer a number of ideas to help alleviate some of your workload and allow you more time to do what you do best — taking care of patients. Set Goals Write [...]

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Aspirin and Your Heart

The American Heart Association has long recommended a low-dose aspirin daily for anyone wishing to prevent a heart attack or stroke. This precautionary measure kept blood clots from forming, which reduced the amount and severity of heart attacks and strokes. Several decades later, further research has determined that a low-dose aspirin may not be as [...]

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