Boosting Medical Practice Morale

The attitude of the personnel in your office can affect your environment. When your receptionist and technicians are happy to be working, it often cheers your customers. The ECG monitor team at Medicomp has learned that happy, outgoing employees can boost revenue growth by 20%. With this in mind, these ideas can definitely create a happy and healthy work environment.

  • Give thanks: Employees enjoy hearing praise! Recall a customer acknowledgment at a meeting, surprise employees with a treat, or simply write a quick note thanking your team for being spectacular. Take advantage of social media and share publicly how much your personnel mean to you.
  • Set goals: Create entertaining team and individual goals, such as “make 3 customers smile in a row”, or “Answer the phone with a smile in your voice for an hour.” While these are short-term goals, they can physically change your team’s attitude, and a stilted smile can easily become genuine. Group goals are also fantastic tools, and rewarding achievements with a take-out meal or small gift is always appreciated.
  • Empowerment: You hired your team because you believed they were the best. Prove it by giving them leeway with small decisions. Your patients will be pleased when problems are quickly solved and your team will feel you have faith in them. This no-cost solution is win-win-win: you, the customer, and your employees will all benefit.
  • Improve add-ons: Many health clubs or gyms offer group discounts. Offering to pay for a membership either in full or in part will motivate your staff to improve their health, which will spill over into how they feel about themselves and others. You can also ease weekly or monthly meetings with breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Something as simple as stocking the refrigerator with bottled water or unlimited coffee in the break room can boost morale.
  • Build a team: Your employees need to work together seamlessly. Team building exercises can help your group coalesce, and the possibilities to bring everyone together are endless. Spend an afternoon at a soup kitchen, volunteer at an animal shelter, participate in a 5K race, or find a painting class to produce works of art. Building memories of positive events will sharpen the image of a “team.”

Improvements in morale are easy to undertake. Start the trend towards positive teamwork with help from your ECG monitor specialists at Medicomp. Look for more positive trends on Medicomp’s blog, and call 800-23-HEART to speak with one of our team members.

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