5 Ways Women Can Celebrate Heart Month

February is National Heart Month. Because emphasis in the past has been on preventing heart disease in men, women have been less likely to worry about heart attacks, stroke, cholesterol levels, et cetera. Unfortunately, heart disease and stroke cause 33% of all deaths every year – that’s one woman every 80 seconds! Celebrate National Heart Month in grand style with the following suggestions from the wearable cardiac monitor specialists at Medicomp.

Participate in National Wear Red Day®

Awareness is extremely important, and Friday, February 3rd, 2017, is National Wear Red Day®. Make the most of this day by donning your favorite red jacket, sweater, or blouse and accessorize with a red hat and shoes. When millions of Americans wear red on February third, it stimulates conversation about the importance of heart disease in women.

Donate to the American Heart Association

Pledge one dollar for every time you eat an unhealthy food, smoke a cigarette, or skip an exercise routine – three factors that can greatly increase your chance of heart disease. Form a support group with friends to keep yourself honest and to increase the likelihood of staying on track. At the end of the month, you will feel and look better, and if you keep your promises to yourself, you can donate to the American Heart Association for giving you the incentive to begin a healthy lifestyle.

Schedule a Checkup

Make an appointment to see your physician this month. Even if you feel healthy, heart disease may be present without your realizing it. A well-woman visit will screen you for heart disease, check your cholesterol levels, and ensure your vitals (blood pressure, pulse, weight, temperature) are within normal limits.

Participate in Preventative Screenings

Your doctor may suggest other screenings, such as a mammogram, pap smear, colon cancer screening, obesity determination, bone density, or any other tests specific to your health history. How do these factors tie into heart health? If your body is under stress because of disease, your heart works harder, which can lead to cardiac problems. Visiting the doctor before any signs of disease occur is much better than visiting when you find a suspicious lump or feel a mysterious pain.

Spread the Word

Throughout the month, engage in social media to tell others all you are doing to make your heart healthier. Use the hashtags #GoRedWearRed and #WellWomenVisit to encourage others to share in your heart-healthy approach to National Heart Month.

Heart disease is women’s number one killer, exceeding all forms of cancer combined. The importance of visiting your physician and following a healthy lifestyle should begin in February, but continue throughout your life. Contact Medicomp at 800-234-3278 (800-23-HEART) to learn about our line of wearable cardiac monitors that can track your heart’s health while you go about your normal daily routine. Read our blog page for information pertaining to healthy living, caring for your heart, and our state-of-the-art cardiac monitors.

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