10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Staying active is a key element in maintaining a healthy heart. Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body, pumping blood to your extremities on a daily basis without any rest. However, despite its constant activity, your heart still benefits from a good workout. Cardio is especially important because it trains your heart to function more efficiently.

When we workout, our blood begins to rush to the more active parts of our body such as our arms and legs while diverting blood flow to less active parts of the body like the digestive system. This increased blood flow sends a larger amount of blood back to the heart as it beats. To help adjust to the increased amount of blood the left ventricle of the heart enlarges, allowing more blood to be ejected into the body per heartbeat. Over time, our heart rate drops because it requires less beats per minute to deliver the amount of blood our body demands. This ultimately means that our heart has to work less in the long run in order to pump blood through the body.

It is recommended that you should spend about 150 minutes a week doing aerobic activities to maintain good heart health. Some people just don’t have the time to schedule going to the gym or going for a jog because of other responsibilities. However, there are a few things that you can do during your day to day activities that will give your heart some of the aerobic activity it needs.

  1. Avoid the elevator and take the stairs.
  2. Find a distant parking spot when running errands, you’ll get a little cardio on your way into the store.
  3. Spend quality time with friends and family and take walks instead of sitting on the couch catching up.
  4. Complete physical activities while watching TV. Lift hand weights while your favorite show is on and use the commercial breaks to do sit-ups or fold laundry. Also consider investing in a yoga ball. By sitting on it while you watch television, you will practice balance and strengthen your core.
  5. Park and walk into locations instead of using a drive thru.
  6. Take on housework that keeps you moving, such as vacuuming and washing dishes.
  7. Take your dog for more walks. Fido loves it and your heart will too.
  8. Make time to play with kids and/or grandkids.
  9. Turn lunch meets into more active meets by playing sports. Rather than getting together with your friends for lunch on the weekend, schedule a friendly volleyball or tennis match.
  10. Stand or pace while on the phone instead of sitting down.

By completing these simple activities throughout your daily life, you can increase blood flow and increase your heart’s health. To find out more about cardiac monitoring and how you can keep your heart healthy, visit our website or contact Medicomp Inc. today.

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